Lessons for Adults

Available in Piano or Voice

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It is NEVER too late to become the musician you always dreamed of being

“For the first time, I listened back to my performance and I didn’t cringe.”

As most of us do, John HATED the sound of his own voice. He was performing at open mic nights and becoming increasingly discouraged with his voice.

He started taking lessons and in a short time, began seeing improvements.

As critical as he is of himself, he is now able to take a step back and feel pride in the progress he’s made, and have the confidence to continue to share his gifts with others. (I’m sure the frequent compliments from other musicians also helps.)

Make Music In The First Lesson

Choose your own music and will be playing and singing songs you know and love in the first month of lessons

Confidently perform in our optional studio recitals in three months of less

Learn how to practice so that you are not confused when you get home

Our adult program is designed for students over 18 years of age who are looking to improve their musical skills, play or sing like they once did, or fulfill their lifelong dream of playing an instrument. Learn and improve your technique and musicality
with a weekly 30 or 60-minute lesson with one of our skilled teachers who will coach you on your instrument of choice.

Why Choose Us?

Intro Lesson - In this 30 or 60-minute introductory lesson...

Optional Performance Opportunities – You will have the option to try out your new-found skills in our Student Spotlight Series, Holiday Playlist Showcase, and Summer Showcase.

Two convenient scheduling options to fit your busy schedule - No semester minimums required!

  1. Membership – for those of you who like structure and consistency, this option is for you! Pay for the month and you will be guaranteed the same time slot each week
  2. Flexible Student – for the ever-changing schedule, purchase a package and schedule as you go!
  • Study virtually from the comfort of your own home or in-person at our spacious location in Huntington.
  • We aim to accommodate siblings on the same day.

"Since I began lessons with Cristina I have received numerous compliments from my musician friends about my singing, which makes me really happy and encourages me in my musical journey."

-John Sauer (Student)

Excited to get started?