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Your future is a click away!

Your future is a click away!

Empowering Kids, Teens, and Adults through Private Singing and Piano Lessons in the heart of Huntington on Long Island

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Welcome to Heart and Soul Music Academy, your destination for piano and voice lessons that ignite passion and nurture individual expression. Are you searching for the perfect place to embark on your musical journey? Look no further.

Music lessons are not just about learning to play or sing the notes on the page, it’s about transforming your confidence and doing things you never thought were possible.

Imagine your joy as you play your favorite song on the piano or belt high notes with ease, or your pride as you step on the stage and perform with confidence.

Our experienced and passionate teachers are here to make your dreams a reality. With decades of experience, we’ll nurture your unique talents and empower you to become the musician you’ve always aspired to be.

Picture what is possible when you’re immersed in a supportive and encouraging environment, surrounded by fellow music lovers who share your passion. Feel the thrill of each lesson, knowing that you’re one step closer to achieving your musical goals.

Transforming Confidence One Song at a Time

In the first lesson, Riley was afraid to sing independently in her lessons. Her teacher sang with her until she felt comfortable doing it on her own. In one month, she was singing by herself in lessons and just one year later, she was cast as the lead, Ariel in her school musical of The Little Mermaid where she performed for 100s of people!

Alexis smiling at the end of her enjoyable singing lesson.


"Cristina brings vast experience, technical knowledge and an amazing ability to convey that to even her youngest students. In a short time after Emma began working steadily with Cristina, her voice showed remarkable improvement, which has continued to evolve in both sound and technique."

John Sordi Kid Lesson Program Parent

"Nico can play piano, and it's all thanks to Cristina and her team. I am impressed how the piano teacher Rebecca succeeded in forming a bond with Nico, and certainly, how she manages to keep this guy focused in class."

Martin Akerman Kid Lesson Program Parent

"Lessons are fun and engaging and Cristina is nurturing and professional. We have seen so much growth in our son's piano playing and he is always excited to have lessons. We are so happy we joined this studio and highly recommend for anyone looking to learn music in a fun and supportive environment."

Jenn Schwetz Kid Lesson Program Parent

"Cristina is an amazing teacher! She is kind, compassionate, talented, and extremely supportive of her students. My daughter eagerly looks forward to each and every lesson. She has grown so much as an artist over the years and has learned a tremendous amount from Cristina's expertise and wealth of knowledge."

Terri Coyne Teen Lesson Program Parent

"I have watched my daughter develop as a singer and a confident young lady under Cristina’s expert instruction. The delightful consequence of this instruction is not just the thrill of watching my daughter perform on stage in school plays and community theater but also in watching her become entirely confident in front of an audience, in front of her class or in a social group. All of this, remarkably, with my daughter looking forward eagerly to every single lesson!"

Keith Friedlander Teen Lesson Program Parent

"Since I began lessons with Cristina I have received numerous compliments from my musician friends about my singing, which makes me really happy and encourages me in my musical journey."

John Sauer Adult Lesson Program Student

"My daughter has been attending lessons for over a year and I am amazed at the development of her singing ability and confidence in performing. Cristina has a wonderful way of connecting with her students and is supportive and encouraging. She is a very gifted singer and performer and her love of music shines through in her lessons. I highly recommend her as a vocal coach!"

Jenn Gonzalez Kid Lesson Program Parent

The Experience

Choose Your Instrument

Learn your instrument of choice one-on-one with a seasoned musician.

Learn The Techniques

Learn performance and audition techniques to give a confident performance.

Create Your List

Build a song list to draw from for auditions and performances.

Become An Artist

Love the process as you see immediate improvement.

Our Programs

Programs Available for Kids, Teens, and Adults in PIANO and VOICE

Programs Available for PIANO and VOICE

Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers

Our caring, nurturing teachers cannot wait to meet you!

Every one of our teachers has been shaped by their unique experiences, but one thing we all have in common is a deep love for nurturing individual expression, building confidence, and igniting true passion in each of our students.

Cristina Faicco-Hall


Heart and Soul Music Academy's voice and piano teacher, Elizabeth Byrne
Elizabeth Byrne


Jennifer Geissman


Professional voice and piano teacher Faith Quashie at Heart and Soul Music Academy
Faith Quashie


Raquelle Viteri


Dimitra Vrosgou